How would like to migrate | FATIH BILGIN

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO MIGRATE from Fatih Bilgin on Vimeo.


There are many ways to travel from place to place, but not much choice of those who had to migrate from one place. The travel rights are peculiar to a privileged class. The immigrants can travel if they are important in a bargain between two countries. Many of those who have had to emigrate to save their life, are murdered in their travel or they have been left to die in refugee camps. Noone wants to be immigrant. Noone escape with no reason.

If your clothes does not smell money, If you are not white and fat enough if it is not a business or just holiday, if you have to go, if you are a immigrant ... Can the cars work? Can the planes fly easily? .

Fatih Bilgin was born in Stuttgart. He grew up in D0zmir. He is living in D0stanbul for ten years. He graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Art Universty as a sociologist. He takes urban photos videos and makes editing.