Issue #55, September 2013:: Special Issue: Art and Mobility


EDITORIAL Art and Mobility. An Introduction | HERMAN BASHIRON MENDOLICCHIO (english / spanish)   TEXTS International Mobility: a Prerequisite for Intercultural Dialogue | FERDINAND RICHARD – ROBERTO CIMETTA FUND (english) The Roberto Cimetta Fund’s contribution to the mobility of artists and cultural operators between Europe and the Arab world | ANGIE COTTE – ROBERTO CIMETTA FUND (english) Mobility happens anyway: let’s make it happen better! | MARIE LE SOURD & ELENA DI FEDERICO – ON THE MOVE (english) The Silent University | AARON CEZAR & LAURA CARDERERA – DELFINA FOUNDATION (english) Still Moving and Learning? Questioning previous and further research | XABIER LANDABIDEA, MATINA MAGKOU, CRISTINA ORTEGA (english) Artists Moving in Europe: International Mobility and Cultural Policies | FABIEN BARTHELEMY (english) Identities and Geographies in Motion: How Art Challenges its Boundaries | CRISTINA COLOMBO (english) Digital Constellation in the ‘Contemporary’ | SRINIVAS ADITYA MOPIDEVI (english) La Movilidad Nómada como Subjetividad Crítica | MIREIA FELIU FABRA (spanish / catalan) Transnationalism, Diaspora and Digital Mediation | SOPHIE HOYLE (english) Demos, TJ. 2013. The Migrant Image. The Art and Politics of Documentary during Global Crisis | BEATRICE FERRARA (english) The Mobility of African Artists: a politically-oriented issue | FRANÇOIS BOUDA (english / french) The Virtual Mobility: an answer to the obstacles to obtain Visas to mobility and the access to Markets of art and cultural products | ANDRÉ KOUNCHOU FEZE (english / french) Caminata Nocturna (Karl Ingar Röys) | JOHN CUNNINGHAM (english) Sarah Shamash’s “(dis)location – Sampa” | AISHA JAMAL (english) MultiWalks: Cities in Migration | TIM JONES (english) World in a Shell – The Polliniferous Project | HANS KALLIWODA (english) Transient Spaces – what is home? Exploring the Notion of Home through Narrative Environment Design | VERO SCHÜRR & JOANNA CORDERO (english) Reflections on Residency: Maskery in Portugal | TRISTAN JACOBS (english) Del centro a la periferia y viceversa: movilidad, residencias y producción artística en España | MARTA GRACIA (spanish) Virtual Art Residencies – a Manual | WERONIKA TROJAŃSKA (english) Reversed Art Mobility | BARNA PETRÁNYI (english) Building up a Community in Europe: Towards a common performing artists’ space | CRISTINA FARINHA (english) CAN´T STOP MOVIN´! | DONALD B. LEHN (english) Theatre is what we are living | PETRA ŽIŠT (english) La movilidad del lenguaje y la práctica textual contemporánea | ELOÍSA HERNÁNDEZ VIRAMONTES (spanish) Edges: Written and Visual Relfections on Marginal Space and its Exploration | ALESSANDRA CAMPOLI (english) Notes on mobility as a tool for creation in artist’s cinema | MIRO SOARES (english) The Arts Critic as a Witnessing Eye. Mobility and Independent Testimony | SERGIO LO GATTO (english)   ONLINE EXHIBITION Stereotype-o-rama | CAN SUNGU Between Homelands | HANDE ZERKIN I is an Other | HYDAR DEWACHI Roots – The Banyan | SUJATA MAJUMDAR Untitled Dualism 02 – Ficus Microcarpa | LITO KATTOU & LEONTIOS TOUMPOURIS Photo Green Land | VIENNE CHAN Artist without Residence | NEVENA DRAGOSAVAC Presence | CONOR RALPHS Mauer Botschaft – Wall Embassy | SONJA HORNUNG & RICHARD PETTIFER The Collective White House – La Casa Blanda | FLOATING LAB COLLECTIVE How would like to migrate | FATIH BILGIN The Visitor | STEFFANIA PAOLA Step Across the Border | STEPHAN GROß In-Quietudes. Nomadismos Contemporáneos | MIREIA FELIU FABRA The missing girl is still missing | FAZAL RIZVI Topophilia | BANU COLAK (dis)location | SARAH SHAMASH Imprecise Itineraries #1 – First Impressions of a City | MIRO SOARES Emotional Landscapes | RODRIGO MOREIRA Bodies + Bags (Moving-in-between) | KAYA BARRY The Restless Quarter | MAKESHIFT (TESSA ZETTEL & KARL KHOE) En Ningún Lugar | MARIA TERESA GONZÁLEZ SCHADENDORF Lichtsprache (Illuminated Language) | CAROLA PERLA The Transfer | MARKÉTA MAGIDOVÁ Mondemarcheau | JONÁS FADRIQUE DE LA FUENTE